Best Trucks, SUV’s, and Car deals in 2017 For Atlanta Georgia

When you’re looking for a new or used vehicle in Atlanta Georgia you want the best car deal you can get well, if that’s your main objective here are some good car segments you should look at before you go buying any car.


Best SUV Deals for December

99 down cars alexandria

When you are looking at SUV’s this month you will want to look at the 2017 Chevy Trax.


Or the 2017 Ford escape you can get a good deal on the MSRP for this SUV if you are in the market. There is a rebate on all versions of this vehicle.


2017 GMC Yukon is another SUV that you might want to be sporting in 2018. Get started with your car loan quote right now and save.


Best Car Deals for December


500 down used car lotsFor the best car deals you can get your hands on at the end of 2017: You will want to browse the 2017 Ford Focus. It has a rebate around $4K which is the best rebate for any small car on the market right now. Get hustling on your Ford quote today!


Next is a Chevy Malibu right now you can get employee type discounting on this vehicle but you will want to get moving on your custom quote because it ends Jan. 2nd.


Best Truck Buy in December


There is only one truck you want to keep your eyes on for the month of December and that’s the 2017 GMC Canyon. GMC is offering $3K in rebates if you trade in your current used truck. It’s worth it to get a custom quote and see what you would be eligible for at the end of 2017.


Auto financing and low payment used car options are our go to so if you are having a few set backs for qualifying for rebates and no down payment options on used cars in Atlanta Georgia?


We would love to set you up with a local used car dealer that can work out the kinks in your down payments and credit. Be set up with an Atlanta car dealership that is suited for your credit history. Don’t let a little credit stop you from car buying.

You might be able to find a used car with a $99 down car payment or lower. Sometimes car dealers have $500 down on used cars in Atlanta to allow for you to have more equity in the car.


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