Is Financing a Used Car in Jersey City NJ Worth It?

buying used cars in Jersey CityYes, when you buying a car in Jersey City New Jersey most likely you will be asked if you want any add ons for the car? Now you can say yes but you should only do so if you have done the research on which ones are worth it.

Are used cars worth it in Jersey City New Jersey?


When you sit down with the car salesman the question he is most likely to ask is do you want the extended warranty on the used vehicle now this can be a quick question with no explaining and you can be trapped?


Most extended warranties aren’t worth the money. Now you might want to take a second look at third party warranties as they may cover the loss of the manufacturer’s coverage down the road.

The next question you might be asked when you buy a new or used car in Jersey City do you want credit insurance and most of the time this is a no unless you aren’t going to be able to pay off the remaining balance of the vehicle for some reason.

Just remember that when it comes to shopping for cars online at the car dealership you want to shop around, stay calm, and purchase the used vehicle on the total cost of the car, not the add ons that car dealers want to throw in for you.

Be careful on how you answer the car salesman’s question of how much are you looking to spend. You can always bypass this question by looking at a Jersey City used car lot online and see what they have for used cars in their inventory. All the car dealership wants to do is see if they can steer you into a more expensive model of a used car. You always want to look at the used cars they have, yes they may have 500 more miles on them than you want but the price won’t hit you.

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Remember that no one should finance a car for more than six years you’re just paying back the car dealership and yes car dealers will try and stretch out the auto loan if it means selling the car.


Car loan deals you need to look for in Jersey City


So watch out for no money down cars in Jersey City, you want to make the payments easy but not for life. Need help getting connected to a local Jersey City car dealership? Start with our online car loan form. We have been able to help Jersey car buyers daily.

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