How To Purchase a Used Car in Brooklyn New York with a 550 Credit Score

Used cars in Brooklyn NY

Is it easy to get a car with a 550 credit score the answer is no but there is a way to help with this issue? You really want to find a used car dealer that will work with your credit score. Continue reading

New York Used Car Loan Interest Rates and How to Get The Best Ones

New York used car loans

In the market for a used car in New York, there are new online options that can make it easier for you but not at times cheaper. We have some things we want to share with you about purchasing a used car.


With leases coming into car dealerships every day its less painful to find a used car that is well maintained and has low miles on it. Continue reading

Is Financing a Used Car in Jersey City NJ Worth It?

buying used cars in Jersey CityYes, when you buying a car in Jersey City New Jersey most likely you will be asked if you want any add ons for the car? Now you can say yes but you should only do so if you have done the research on which ones are worth it. Continue reading

Buying Pre-owned Vehicles in Dover New Jersey Is No Easy Task

bad credit used car dealerships Dover NJ

Buying a car is no easy task when you have to take out a five-year loan for a used car in Dover New Jersey. Continue reading

Best Way To Get A Car Lease With Bad Credit in Baltimore Maryland

Leasing a car with bad credit in Baltimore Maryland

The harsh reality is that if you can’t get approved for a car loan to buy a car with low credit in Baltimore Maryland you might have some issues leasing a car with bad credit.

Continue reading

How You Should Be Looking at a Car Lease in Boston Massachusetts

leasing a car in Boston tips

Leasing a vehicle isn’t a bad option if you don’t drive a lot. If you need a car but don’t want to haggle with a lot of car maintenance leasing a vehicle might be in the cards for you. But you need to know what to expect for a lease vehicle. Continue reading

How To Get a Motivated Used Car Dealer To Sell You a Car in Boston Massachusetts

Tips for Boston used car buyers


Don’t just buy a used car just for the heck of it. You want to make sure you’re doing the proper research on a used car this can take some time. You don’t want to go into the car dealership willy nilly because of your just a target to the car salesman. Plus it’s not a good look to not know a single thing about car buying. Continue reading

Can You Buy a Used Car Without an Auto Loan in Boston Massachusetts


used cars in boston MA low down payments


Cars are always fun, aren’t they? Until you have to pay for one. Now I’m thinking that the way the financial picture for most of us is that we don’t have the cash lying around to pay for a new car outright? Continue reading

How Partial Payments Work on Car Loans in Boston Massachusetts

buying used cars in Boston MA

How to make payments on a car loan? This is one of the questions that a lot of you ask at the car dealership. Did you know that you can make partial payments on your car? Yes, if you cover the amount of the car payment by the end of the month. Continue reading