Album Picks: “The 1975”

The ongoing snowstorm raging outside has inspired me to break out The 1975’s debut album, appropriately named “The 1975.” It’s a great set of tracks to jam to when the weather outside is frightful. Here are my top picks from the classic “The 1975.”

“The City”

My all-time favorite track from the band, “The City” has an, obviously, city vibe. It’s a song to listen to with the windows down when the weather is that perfect in-between from winter to summer.


This track has a certainly different feel from the other installments on the album. A little darker vibe, but certainly one of my favorites as well.


This is the most popular track to come from the band. I remember this tune from high school and it certainly is nostalgic. Great lyrics and great vocals: this is the track that introduced me to one of my favorite bands.


A little more risqué, “Sex” is another one of the greats of this album. It’s a more intense subject matter but a combination with an upbeat production and carefree vocals, it makes for a great track.

“She Way Out” 

This is another that is great for a late night drive, when the weather gets better. It’s a dance tune, something you’ll be tapping your foot and bopping to no matter the drive or the destination.

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