Cloth Or Leather? Which Interior Should You Choose?

While seemingly an unimportant factor in choosing a car, it’s a factor that will come up later if you chose an option you didn’t prefer. Whether for aesthetic or comfort, choosing the interior fabric of your vehicle is certainly a discussion to have when buying a new car.

Easy to clean, fashionable, but a tad more expensive

Leather is a great choice for a more aesthetically inclined car owner. It gives off a “big money” vibe. The cleanliness of leather is also not something to overlook. Leather is incredibly easy to clean. A coffee spill in the passenger seat won’t be the end of your car’s aesthetic. Taking a rag to leather is easy and fast. Along with the ease of cleaning comes the added bonus of better smell. Leather is much more likely to smell better over time than cloth. The choice, though, is more expensive. Leather will always cost you more. Leather also requires extra maintenance. While cloth requires vacuuming and perhaps Scotchguarding every few years, leather owners generally have to put more time into their fabric choice. Leather will eventually show signs of wear due to sweat, dust and dirt. Without condition, the material will harden and could even crack.

Comfortable, affordable, but the tendency to get dirtier

Cloth is generally viewed as the more comfortable option. It was softer, warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than leather. While leather has the option of heated seats, it’s certainly convenient to not have to rely on an extra function for warmth. Cloth is also the more affordable option. Leather will always cost more. A car buyer on a budget is more apt to prefer a cloth interior than a leather one. For those not searching for a high-end aesthetic, it’s a great combination of comfort and affordability. The downside comes with the cleanliness. Even for the neatest person, accidents happen. It’s much tougher to get the stains and smell out of cloth.

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Overall, it’s a buyer’s preference. Knowing where your priorities lie is a large component of material choice. Whether you are a buyer looking for a high end aesthetic, looking to save a few bucks, or simply prefer the comfort of one or the other, fabric choice in your new car is a long term commitment and should at be considered if possible during the buying process.

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