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What is your states speed limit? A break down of every states speed limit

Have you ever wondered like me if 75 mph was the standard speed limit for all the states? I don’t know about you but I wanted to see if I could find out what every states speed limit was or is.

How speed limits are made in the USA

I didn’t know this but I do now, that speed limits are typically posted in increments of 5 miles per hours. Most speed limits are set by the state.

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The highest speed limits are usually posted at 70MPH. On the west coast and inland east cost 75-80 is most common. But on the east seaboard the max speed limit is 65 MPH. Hawaii has a max speed limit of 60.


The highest posted speed limit in the USA is in Texas, it’s the Texas State highway, at 85 MPH.

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Now not all speed limits are the same but they range from 65 to 80 MPH. That is super fast when you are on a highway and texting.


You should always be careful on the road and read the speed limit signs for all major highways.


The point: Be safe and always know the speed limits when you’re on the road.

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