Car Loans for $500 Down Pre-Own Vehicles For Sale – Bad Credit and Poor Credit

500 down used car lotsHave you ever wonder what $500 can get you? Believe it or not $500 can get you a decent pre-owned used car. Yes its true used cars are pretty much the go to now when your talking about low budget low credit I need a car right now situation.


Connect with a $500 down used car dealer near me


used car payments with $500 downMultiple car dealers offer $500 down car payments, in fact with bad credit or no credit the process is fairly simple.


You fill out the used car form and a car dealership in our network will contact you with some good pre-owned vehicle options.


Now we know you are probably thinking with a used car you’re going to get the cheapest used car on the lot and that’s not the case. Even though it’s a pre-owned car, our car dealers are going to services and make sure it’s reliable for you before they show you any used cars.

The reasons to look for $500 down used cars


used cars with 500 down paymentsThere are a ton of reasons to focus on a used car with $500 down and they are.


  • Lower cost to insure
  • Lower monthly payments
  • And they hold the best value after you drive off the car lot


There are now more used cars on the road than there are new and that’s because car buyers go after what they can afford more than just the looks of a car.


So regardless of you having $500 down for a used car or no money down for a used car we can find you the car that is reliable for years to come. And you don’t have to play the silly car dealer games.


Know the down payment options and car selection before you set foot in the car dealership.

Need an affordable $500 down payment used car?


$500 down auto financing with bad credit

If you need an afford used car with a low down payment Auto Loans East Coast can find you a car dealer near you that has cars for sale with only $500 down.