How You Should Be Looking at a Car Lease in Boston Massachusetts

leasing a car in Boston tips

Leasing a vehicle isn’t a bad option if you don’t drive a lot. If you need a car but don’t want to haggle with a lot of car maintenance leasing a vehicle might be in the cards for you. But you need to know what to expect for a lease vehicle.


Is it worth it to lease a vehicle in Boston Massachusetts


When looking to lease a vehicle you should not only have a good credit score but your lines of credit should be up to date. If you have poor credit there are no other options than to have a co-signer on the auto loan with you.


You need to be able to prove your income by showing your most recent pay stubs car dealers like to have the last two pay stubs you received. You will need to prove that you have had the same job for at least two years and have been living at the same address for two years.


You might be better off instead of trying to get approved at the car dealership and spending all that time there. Just try and get pre-approved that have leasing programs at your local bank. If you want we have the tools to help you get to know the pre-approval process for a car in Boston Massachusetts.


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If your credit score is too low the car dealership will recommend that you ask a co-signer to get the lease deal. The co-signer has to have a high credit score plus income to help out.


To lease a vehicle your driver’s license needs to be valid in the state where the vehicle is leased from.

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When you lease a car you need to have full coverage on the vehicle the whole time of the lease contract. If your insurance doesn’t cover all of the vehicles needs you can look into gap insurance too this will cover what the other insurance policy won’t. Full coverage insurance can be pricey so you want to price out the insurance also before leasing or buying a vehicle in Boston.


Something that most car dealerships in Boston Massachusetts don’t tell you is that there is an excessive mileage bill that means that you have X amount of miles per year you can put on the vehicle and if you go over the miles you will have to pay for them.


Most leases have a minimum of 10K miles per year or you can go all the way up to 12K miles. The cost of the miles after that is 15 cents a mile.


So, if you have a 3-year lease you have 36K miles you can put on the car, any miles after that you will be paying more for.


It’s important to know your options for car leasing in Boston


It’s important to weigh these factors when leasing a car in Boston Massachusetts you may be better off with purchasing a used car with 45K miles on it and just maintaining it for seven to ten years.


A lot of people are looking at used cars over any other car options based on the price and lengths of auto loans now.


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