Album Picks: An Awesome Wave

Alt-J during this snowy, snowy week has been on repeat. Whether studying, writing or just playing some old school Runescape, Alt-J has been constantly playing, particularly the band’s premiere album “An Awesome Wave.” An electronic band with odd, incredible vocals- here are my top picks from Alt-J’s “An Awesome Wave.”

This track is deliciously risqué. With incredible lyrics and a very calm production, this quickly became one of my favorite songs from the album.

The very first track I heard from the band, “Breezeblocks” is arguably my favorite, still. The lyrics take time to understand and even require a bit of research, but it’s all worth it to totally understand the genius of this track.

“Something Good”
“Something Good” is fairly production heavy, perfect for studying or anything else that requires some brain power. It’s pleasing to listen to and is the classic beauty of “An Awesome Wave.”

Another slow track with great lyrics, “Matilda” was a later love, for me. It took time for me to totally appreciate the genius of the song. The production, the vocals, the lyrics- all of it.

“Fitzpleasure,” like “Breezeblocks,” was a track that I immediately fell in love with. It’s production heavy, changing between styles frequently. Not nearly as lyrically genius, but a great addition to a playlist regardless.

“Bloodflood” holds a ton of emotion within its few minutes. It’s up for interpretation for the listener, which is a hard vibe to achieve for artists. The production heavy track hold a very special place for me, and certainly will for any listener.

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