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January Playlists: Week Four

Playlist of the weekIt’s getting warmer and the sun is making an appearance much more these days. As the colder months pass, it’s time to revamp your commute playlist. Your drive may not be as long, but that’s certainly no reason to not take advantage of the time you do have to jam out. Here are some new tracks to add to your January playlist:

“Young and Menace” by Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy’s newest album takes on a while new style and life than their previous work. While what they had was great, this new vibe is certainly one that they shouldn’t dismiss. Combining swing, jazz, and very classic dubstep has never sounded this good. It’s a jumble of styles that could have been atrocious, but Fall Out Boy has made a mixture of perfection. “Young and Menace” is one track that takes into account heavy dubstep beats with a jazzy, swingy vibe. It’s a great commute tune, to be sure.

“Pray For Me” by G-Eazy

G-Eazy is dabbling into darker themes and styles in the best way possible. Rap has a tendency to feel aggressive when these kinds of themes and subjects are done, but G-Eazy keeps it light and enjoyable. Of course, the “Wizard Of Oz” reference is a great addition. To be fair, any time artists can tie back old references with their new music, it’s worthy of recognition.

“Ahead Of Myself” by X Ambassadors

X Ambassadors is certainly notorious, at least in my opinion, for great hits. “Ahead Of Myself” is not exception. While not revolutionary like my previous picks, there is nothing wrong with more of a great thing. The production is catchy and even the subject matter is out of the ordinary.

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“Take It All Back 2.0” by Judah & The Lion

More of an older pick, but it’s certainly worthy of a comeback. “Take It All Back 2.0” was my gym tune for more than a few weeks. The Mumford & Sons-esque banjo production adds more dimension to lyrics that were certainly written with care. The production or organic and that is certainly what draws fans back again and again.

“Everything Is Alright” by The Glorious Sons

The Glorious Sons has a very similar organic vibe. With rock undertones but a swingy, even country vocals, “Everything Is Alright” is certainly an unconventionally enjoyable track for alternative fans. The lyrics are interesting, the production is catchy, and the vocals keep you hooked. This is a track that is worthy of being put on repeat.

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