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New Music To Add To Your December Playlist

99 down cars alexandriaThe air is colder and the snow is plentiful. Unfortunately, the notorious winter commute persists another year. With the extra time tacked on to your travels, it’s ever important to amp up your tunes, as well. Here are some new songs to add to your commute playlist.


“Dress” by Taylor Swift

Swift goes out on a limb with this one. She dabbles in more scandalous territory and it pays off. “Dress” is packed with emotion and has great lyrics and a good beat- certainly a great tune to add to your playlist.


“Love Is Gone” by G-Eazy

G-Eazy’s newest album dabbles in a darker subject matter and “Love Is Gone” dives right into it. With political background and a deep message, the great production is just a cherry on top of a fantastic track.


“Let You Down” by NF

This Michigan artist has tons of great tracks, but “Let You Down” is arguably the best. The production is catchy and the lyrics are even moreso. This one is worth plenty of listens, preferably on repeat.


“Bae” by The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms bring pop culture into their newest album with “Bae.” This pop punk band is against the norm, but breaks that mold with this track. It has the same feel and clever lyrics, but a bit of homage to their budding popularity.


“Pity Party” by Melanie Martinez

Martinez is a fantastic artist with a very clever, thoughtful, and emotional set of lyrics in each track. “Pity Party” is arguably one of her best productions and subjects. This is another track that deserves to be put on repeat.

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