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New Tracks To Add To Your December Playlist

winter auto loans for bad credit The air is colder and the snow is plentiful. Unfortunately, the notorious winter commute persists another year. With the extra time tacked on to your travels, it’s ever important to amp up your tunes, as well. Here are some new songs to add to your commute playlist.



WALK THE MOON’s latest installment is certainly does not disappoint, and “One Foot” is both the most played and one of the best of their latest album. Upbeat and catchy, this is certainly a track to add to your current playlist.


Don’t Blame Me by Taylor Swift

Swift’s newest album has received quite the attention since its release. The best songs haven’t hit the radio yet, and “Don’t Blame Me” is arguably one of the greatest tracks on the album. These country vibes paired with her newfound style make for a great combo.


Getaway Car by Taylor Swift

“Getaway Car” is as undiscovered as “Don’t Blame Me,” and just as enjoyable. Swift plays with more unconventional topics in her new album, and this track is one that focuses on much different perspectives. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.


Vacation Town by The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms’ new album release showcases their growth, both in popularity and in a stylistic sense. They play with electronics and new beats, but “Vacation Town” throws it back to the old days, just with a new vibe.


Far Drive by The Front Bottoms

“Far Drive” is of the electronic batch that The Front Bottoms plays with, and it doesn’t disappoint. The attention to lyrics and words is what puts this track among the top in Going Grey.


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Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

A bit old, but definitely always relevant, “Million Reasons” showcases Gaga’s talent, both vocally and in songwriting. It’s easy to jam to, and even easier to put on repeat.


100 Letters by Halsey

Halsey’s newest album is jam packed with new and inventive tracks. “100 Letters” is, in my opinion, among the best tracks that Halsey has produced ever. Her lyrics are always impeccable, and this track is not an exception.


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