music playlist for the carThe air is colder and the snow is plentiful. Unfortunately, the notorious winter commute persists another year. With the extra time tacked on to your travels, it’s ever important to amp up your tunes, as well. Here are some new songs to add to your commute playlist.

“Mrs. Potato Head” by Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez dabbles in the controversial subjects of female body standards and plastic surgery. Personally, I’m drawn first by the production, though, then lyrics second. It’s a catchy tune that can get your head bopping along immediately, the weight of each line is just an additive to an already great track.

“Bad At Love” by Halsey

One of Halsey’s biggest hits, “Bad At Love” certainly has earned its right to popularity. The production is catchy and the lyrics even more so. Halsey has a way with words, definitely, and this track is no different. It’s always a pleasure to listen to her music, because it truly is listening to her story.

“Learn To Let Go” by Kesha

Kesha brings back a bit of her pop roots with “Learn To Let Go,” but she puts her own genuine emotion into it. It’s catchy like a pop song, but carries a message that is much stronger than expected.

“Headfirst” by Sir Sly

Sir Sly took a big risk with the release of their newest album, but for alternative fans it certainly is a success. You don’t have to be strictly a fan of their initial style to enjoy “Don’t You Worry, Honey.” “Headfirst” is one of my favorite tracks from their newest album. The lyrics are more personal, telling a story, and the jazzy production gives it a whole new life.

“Love Songs Drug Songs” by X Ambassadors

X Ambassadors are incredibly underrated, and “Love Song Drug Songs” deserves a spot in their top hits. It’s rock heavy with strong beats and bass, but their lyrics are intense and require a listener’s attention, which is what makes X Ambassadors so powerful.

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