Unfortunately, spring still seems to be far away. With St. Patty’s Day only days away, though, this is certainly not a time to let your playlist reflect the cold. Give yourself or your DD some killer jams this weekend with these picks.

“I Don’t Love You” by Cruel Youth

My favorite pick this week, this is for that night out with your girlfriends. Just don’t let them start frantically hate-texting their exes. It’s a great production with some very thoughtful lyrics.

“Scary Love” by The Neighborhood

Part of the band’s newest album, “Scary Love” is one of the most popular tracks, and for good reason. It is a very classic style from the band, but with a new, jazzy twist.

“Morning Glory” by Oasis

An older band, but certainly one of the greatest. “Morning Glory” has always been one of my favorites, but has recently found its way back into my daily drive. Classic 90’s rock, this will certainly be a great track to jam to.

“Catch” by Cold Fronts

A newer pick, Cold Fronts are a band that I am recently discovering. Reminding me a lot of Walk The Moon, their tracks are upbeat with great lyrics. Certainly a pick for this holiday weekend.

“Bukowski” by Mooseblood

One of my all-time favorite songs from the band, “Bukowski” is everything that pop-punk strives to be. A classic production with incredible lyrics. The emotion that is packed into this song is amazing.

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