Bad credit used cars

How we are Working on Distracted Driving on Our Roads

Used car payment options in Boston MAIts unbelievable how many drivers still put themselves in danger when they get into a car yes, I am talking about distracted driving a lot of drivers still do it. I think since the cell phone as come out years ago there is going to always be this issue.

But now you don’t have to worry completely because there is an AI platform that will detect distracted driving and alert you when you aren’t paying attention to the road. This platform is ran by cameras in the car.

How are we taking car of distracted driving for everyone

Yes, I know that can be scary too because you never know what else is being tracked. But one of the cool things about this AI is that if it thinks the alerts have gone too far and you’re not listening AI will take over your vehicle for safer driving.

Now I don’t know it does when it takes over but there are limits to how AI figures out how bad your driving is.

Just a safer way to drive that’s all with everyone looking down at their cell phones at every stop like we can kind of know that nothing will arise on the road.

But also, just to let you know I am not 100% on the AI idea in cars just yet. Music and directions are one thing but total driving?

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Bad credit used cars

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