First Step of Buying a Used Car in the Baltimore Maryland Area

$0 down auto loans in Baltimore MarylandWhen most people stroll out to purchase a car they are doing the first step wrong in Baltimore Maryland. They don’t check there credit score. Do you know how important it is to know your credit score?

Knowing your credit score before the used car you want to buy

Here, you could beat the car salesman down to where you want him with the price and test drive the car until the tires are bald but if your credit is ran and you have a 540 or below you’re going to pay way to much a month on the car.


Plain as day check your credit score up front so you don’t have any surprises. Start browsing online months in advance. This is going to be a process and you need to be ready for it.


If your credit is low work on raising it while you are looking for a used car in Baltimore Maryland don’t just go in without a clue, you’ll be walking out without one too but with a car payment attached.


Get your credit report and check your FICO score.

Break down of your credit score

Here is a break down of how your credit is based:


  • Past payment history
  • Outstanding debt
  • How long you have had credit
  • The types of credits you have
  • And how much credit you have recently asked for


If you have a credit score over or at 700 you will be financed solid but anything below 700 you’re going to have to fix the mistakes.

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Improve your credit score for a used car in Baltimore Maryland

Now there is a couple of ways to increase your credit and they are:


  • Pay down your credit cards as far as you can
  • Don’t apply for any new credit
  • Close out older accounts you don’t use
  • Keep the good history accounts open and let the credit mature


The better the credit score the better interest rate and that means lower money down or no money down on the car at a car lot in Baltimore.


Auto financing is easier when you know your credit and we want to set you up with a car dealer in Baltimore that has the lending available to you. Look at the $99 down car options in the Baltimore MD area.

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