Watch The Dealership Fees When Buying a Used Car in Baltimore Maryland


When you buying a car in Baltimore Maryland you might be slammed with some fees of some kind and if you have bad credit and are looking for an auto loan, car dealerships might just target you.


Now some of the fees are the law like sales tax, title and resignation and documentations. Those are normally what fees you as a car buyer need to pay.


Watch what the used car dealership will try and sell you for a used car


no money down car for bad credit Baltimore Maryland


Closing fees for car dealerships aren’t mandatory but some car dealerships like to slip them in.


You should never have to pay a destination fee or “delivery fee”. This should be on the car dealership itself not the car buyer.


There shouldn’t be a marketing or advertising fee. The buyer shouldn’t be responsible for marketing the car dealerships inventory. The cost of doing business charge is already in the sticker price of the new or used car in Baltimore.


There should be no extended warranty fee, unless you want to purchase it. A lot of car lots will do this to make a little extra cash on the deal. It’s totally up to the buyer to sign off on it.


That’s why we suggest you read over the contract for the car because car dealers can be very sly when writing up a purchase of sale and most of the time it’s in their favor.


Go over the used car agreement with the Baltimore car salesman


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So go over all you can with the car salesman to make sure the price you agreed upon for the used car in Baltimore is the price you’re going to pay for the vehicle.


You don’t want to be jumping through hoops to buy a car and we want to connect you with the best bad credit auto loan car dealership in Baltimore Maryland.

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