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We are all picky about what we look for in a used car or a new car. We like to buy used cars but in good condition so we want to help you narrow down what to look for in a used car and make the purchasing easier for everyone.


You want to try and find a car that is less than 150,000 miles. The older the better as long as the car was taken care of.


You will want to jump on a used car in Wildwood NJ that has low miles and as been taken care of.


Next you will want to find out the ware and tear on the vehicle and you can do that by talking to the owner or the car dealership. They have to share with you all that information. You can ask for papers on the car usually car people leave all that stuff in the glove box in an envelope or two.


You will want to check out the exterior of the car also. Do a walk around of the car. Inspect in one direction. One thing you will want to never do is inspect a car once the sun as gone down.


Check if the paint is shiny or oxidized. Shiny means the car as spent a lot of time in the garage. Oxidized means it’s been kept in the sun a lot. You also want to check for a new paint job.


Check the rubber seals around the doors to see them soft and supple or dry and cracked.

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Remember to always take the car you want to buy for a test drive. But during the test drive you want to listen to the car. But know that a used car in Wildwood is not going to pass every test you throw at it.


So sometimes buying a used car is a judgment call. Just make sure the cost of the car isn’t going to put you in the whole 5 years from now.


And if you need help with auto financing in Wildwood NJ we can match you with the best option car dealership that will have your payment types available.


We work with a lot of no money down car dealerships in the Wildwood NJ area so we can search for a good dealer.

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