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The Tips that can help you buy a used car in Philadelphia

When your shopping for a used car on the east coast there are a few things you will want to do. We recommend that you shop around for a bit and find the best deal you can.

Many car buyers don’t want to shop around for a used car but when you don’t you could feel like you have been ripped off and that’s not a great feeling at all.

Being ripped off for a used car in Philadelphia can sting a little. Take the time and work the people you can. You can usually catch a good deal at the end of the month.

Most dealerships need to move cars and if you time it just right you could get the keys to one of those cars.

The best tips for buying a car in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

But here are 10 tips for you to get the best used car with little to no money down in Philadelphia.

  1. Go into the car dealership and start talking to one of the car dealers
  2. Spend a few hours a night comparing models and prices online until you buy
  3. Wait till mid week to go to the car dealership
  4. Test drive the used car multiple times
  5. Take a car buddy that can pepper the questions
  6. Ask for discounts
  7. Ask the car dealership what they paid for the car
  8. Negotiate from the price the dealership paid for the car
  9. Never start negotiating the price until the dealer says a number
  10. Don’t go for the extras on a used car. You probably don’t need them if you have a good mechanic.
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