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Car-With-White-Background-SEAT-Leon-Sport-Coupe-615x393-615x393Planning to finance your next new or used car purchase on the east Coast? Tread wisely because a misstep could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Don’t let the shiny paint and glittering chrome obscure your financial vision. Consider these five points.

  1. Your shopping for 2 things, financing and a car
  2. You want to look at the term of the loan, long term or short term
  3. You want to focus on a car that you really like, but you want to really focus on a car you can pay for
  4. Down Payments Drive Savings
    When financing a car, a large down payment can initially sting, but it’s a benefit over the long haul. Cars depreciate and before you know it, you may owe more on a vehicle than it’s worth, known as “negative equity,” a side effect of long terms and small down payments.
  5. Great Math Beats a “Good Deal”
    Automakers offer plenty of attractive incentives to sweeten today’s car deals, including cash rebates and zero-percent financing or special financing. But how do you know which deal is sweetest? Don’t guess; do the math.

Auto loans can be sourced through  east coast dealerships, as well as from banks, credit unions, and finance companies, like us