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Top Picks From The Hamilton Musical

“Hamilton” was a musical that took over my life for the better half of 2017. It’s a historical account that’s packed with information but also a ton of talent. A modern twist on a very classic story, it’s a great guilty pleasure. Here are my favorite tracks from Broadway’s “Hamilton-“ though plenty had to be cut out for the sake of length. Give it all a listen, really.


A ton of emotion, but it also establishes the relationship between Eliza and Anjelica. This is the basis of this strange love triangle that you will see through the entire soundtrack.

“Wait For It”

My favorite track- it’s a new perspective on the old perception of the founding fathers. While Hamilton is an aggressive character, Aaron Burr is the mellow counterpart. This track is his establishment for the rest of the musical.

“Dear Theodosia”

A beautiful account of the births or Burr’s and Hamilton’s first children. It’s a father’s view of their children and it’s truly a heartwarming experience.


Quite the opposite now, “Burn” describes Eliza’s rage after the discovery of Hamilton’s affair. There is a ton of emotion packed into this song, and viewers really get to see a side of Eliza that no one really knew that she had.

“It’s Quiet Uptown”

This is a moment of devastation, but also when there is reconciliation between Hamilton and Eliza. The new relationship established between them, and it’s interesting to be able to see this happen.


Another one of my favorites, is further establishes the relationship between Burr and Hamilton. There is an animosity that the viewers see that really is only based in pride, and it’s more than interesting to hear that relationship develop and become more and more aggressive.

“The World Was Wide Enough”

One of the final tracks in the musical, this is when it all comes to a head and Hamilton is killed. The regret of Burr and the end of Hamilton’s life makes for a great track in this installment, pulling inspiration from many previous tracks to conclude the production.

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Weekly Playlists: Week Four

This week has brought the official first day of spring- finally. It’s time to kick up the tunes you’re jamming out to, as well. So roll down your windows, open your sunroof and turn up the volume. Here are five new tracks to add to your playlist.

“Youth” by Glass Animals

A light hearted track from this deliciously stylistic band, “Youth” is certainly a morning commute song. It’ll put you in a chill mood for the rest of your day, no matter the schedule you have.

“The Skinny” by Atmosphere

A little darker and more aggressive, but a great track nonetheless. The production is what really draws you in, but the lyrics are worth listening to over and over again.

“Summer Shandy” by The Front Bottoms

Certainly a spring song, “Summer Shandy” is one of my recent favorites from an old album. It’s an acquired taste, especially in comparison to the rest of their tracks, but a great track nonetheless.

“Drive” by Have Mercy

From the most recent Have Mercy album comes “Drive.” The lyrics are what keep me coming back. Each word is meticulously placed, much like the rest of their tracks, but this one has a special place in my morning commute lately.

“Glow” by Moose Blood

One of my favorites from Moose Blood, their newest album release has lead me back to some of my old picks. One of these is “Glow.” It’s a classic with all of the elements that fans love: great lyrics and production to match.

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Album Picks: “Bad Blood”

Bastille is a band that I heard some time ago and my love for them has never died. Their first full album, “Bad Blood” has gone down as one of my all-time favorite albums. I have had the vinyl on my wishlist for quite some time now. Here are my top picks from this iconic album.

“These Streets”
This track has a ton of emotional value for me, which is why it has become my favorite pick from the album. “These Streets” shares in Bastille’s best stylistic points: great lyrics, great production, and an obvious love for the music that they are creating.

This track was my first love. It has a story of its own, but also has a ton of emotion behind it. Everyone has felt this, and everyone knows this story all too well.

Another of my all-time favorite tracks from the band, “Flaws” has some of the best production that this group has ever put out. It’s catchy and the listener is always on edge and begging for more. It’s equal parts predictable and always a surprise.

“Daniel In The Den”
I can’t help but think of Game Of Thrones every time I hear this track, which may be a huge part of why I enjoy it so much. There is a great story behind these lyrics, and it’s certainly a track to get lost in.

“Laura Palmer”
Another of my first loves, “Laura Palmer” is emulating an incredibly powerful, bad-ass woman in the production and in the track name.

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Album Picks: An Awesome Wave

Alt-J during this snowy, snowy week has been on repeat. Whether studying, writing or just playing some old school Runescape, Alt-J has been constantly playing, particularly the band’s premiere album “An Awesome Wave.” An electronic band with odd, incredible vocals- here are my top picks from Alt-J’s “An Awesome Wave.”

This track is deliciously risqué. With incredible lyrics and a very calm production, this quickly became one of my favorite songs from the album.

The very first track I heard from the band, “Breezeblocks” is arguably my favorite, still. The lyrics take time to understand and even require a bit of research, but it’s all worth it to totally understand the genius of this track.

“Something Good”
“Something Good” is fairly production heavy, perfect for studying or anything else that requires some brain power. It’s pleasing to listen to and is the classic beauty of “An Awesome Wave.”

Another slow track with great lyrics, “Matilda” was a later love, for me. It took time for me to totally appreciate the genius of the song. The production, the vocals, the lyrics- all of it.

“Fitzpleasure,” like “Breezeblocks,” was a track that I immediately fell in love with. It’s production heavy, changing between styles frequently. Not nearly as lyrically genius, but a great addition to a playlist regardless.

“Bloodflood” holds a ton of emotion within its few minutes. It’s up for interpretation for the listener, which is a hard vibe to achieve for artists. The production heavy track hold a very special place for me, and certainly will for any listener.

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Weekly Playlists: March Week One

I’ve been on quite the throwback kick, recently. The snow is keeping me inside, but throwing on some old tunes certainly has a way to brighten the mood. Whether Arctic Monkeys or Alt-J, the past 20 years released some classic work. Here are my throwback picks this week! (Plus just one electronic track, to bring to back to the previous few years.)

“The Silence” by Avalanche City
An old favorite of mine, “The Silence” is a very laid back, lovely song. The classic and traditional drum beat along with a modern computer generated production creates a perfect harmony. The vocals are to die for, as well.

“Hello” by Oasis
Oasis is, admittedly, a new love of mine. “Wonderwall” is an incredible, classic track, but the band has much more to offer. “Hello” is the first that stands out among the rest. It’s great, nostalgic production with even an ode to “Wonderwall” in the first few seconds.

“Breezeblocks” by Alt-J
My favorite track from this odd, electronic band. The lyrics always draw me in and the production always keeps me eager for the next break. There is a classic perfection with “Breezeblocks.”

“Enter The Joker’s Lair” by Miike Snow
Mainly production with few vocals, “Enter The Joker’s Lair” is an interesting pick for any playlist, but an incredible one nonetheless.

“Knee Socks” by Arctic Monkeys
“Knee Socks” has become the track on repeat this week for me. I just took a midterm with these incredible lyrics and production stuck in my head.

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Album Picks: “The 1975”

The ongoing snowstorm raging outside has inspired me to break out The 1975’s debut album, appropriately named “The 1975.” It’s a great set of tracks to jam to when the weather outside is frightful. Here are my top picks from the classic “The 1975.”

“The City”

My all-time favorite track from the band, “The City” has an, obviously, city vibe. It’s a song to listen to with the windows down when the weather is that perfect in-between from winter to summer.


This track has a certainly different feel from the other installments on the album. A little darker vibe, but certainly one of my favorites as well.


This is the most popular track to come from the band. I remember this tune from high school and it certainly is nostalgic. Great lyrics and great vocals: this is the track that introduced me to one of my favorite bands.


A little more risqué, “Sex” is another one of the greats of this album. It’s a more intense subject matter but a combination with an upbeat production and carefree vocals, it makes for a great track.

“She Way Out” 

This is another that is great for a late night drive, when the weather gets better. It’s a dance tune, something you’ll be tapping your foot and bopping to no matter the drive or the destination.

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February Playlists: Week Five

The arrival of spring always brings out the indie spirit in me, and I’m sure many. Of course, this means plenty of guitar production, light tunes and thoughtful lyrics. Here are my five playlist picks this week!

“Disagree” by Have Mercy

Have Mercy’s newest album is very streamline with their style; but, if it’s not broken why fix it? The lyrics of this track are incredible and the production is always on point. There is a lot of thought that goes into their songs and it shows. This is a jam that you won’t want to miss out on.

“Wyrd” by Glass Animals 

A late night, drunk night vibe, Glass Animals is one of my favorite bands and “Wyrd” is one of the favorite tracks. It’s a dark feel, the lyrics odd but intriguing. It’s a great late drive track, on par with their entire album.

“Like Real People Do” by Hozier

Hozier is truly an great indie pick, as always. While this style can grow old quickly, Hozier’s lyrics and production style keep each track up to date and a joy to listen to. “Like Real People Do” is one of the quiet, laid back tracks- a song to play at your wedding or one to listen to in the middle of the night.

“Good As New” by Vacationer

A song that reminds me of riding my bike at my grandmother’s neighborhood home, “Good As New” is reminiscent of everything you love about watching the snow melt and enjoying the returning sunshine.

“M.O.N.E.Y.” by The 1975

The 1975 vocals are some of my favorite from any band. M.O.N.E.Y. is an underrated track. The production is catchy and worthy of a drive with the windows down. It’s a song that you’ll be singing along to and putting on repeat.

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How To Change Your Tire

Pothole season is officially upon us, and it seems that they can change an entire commute overnight. A flat tire can ruin your drive, but it doesn’t need to ruin your day. Having a stable solution until you can get your hands on a new tire and check for damage will ensure that you can still go on with your day. Here are the steps you should take to change your tire.

Find a stable area to change your tire.

Have a solid, level surface to stop your car from rolling. Park as far away from traffic as possible and turn on your emergency flashers. Apply your parking brake as well. If possible, put a heavy object in front of both sets of tire to stop your car from moving- like rocks or pieces of concrete.  

Take out your spare tire and jack. 

Place the jack under the frame near the tire. Be sure that it is on the metal portion of your car’s frame. Many cars have molded plastic on the bottom and if you don’t place the jack in the right spot, it will crack the plastic when you start lifting. You owner’s manual should have the correct location to place it if you aren’t sure. Raise the jack until it is supporting, but not lifting the car.

Remove the hubcap and loosen the nuts. 

With your car supported, but not lifted, by the jack, take the hubcap off and loosen the nuts, but don’t take them off. Use the wrench that came with you car or a standard cross wrench. The right size will fit over the nut but won’t rattle when you turn it. Be sure to be turning it counter clockwise— remember righty-tighty lefty-loosey.

Lift the car off the ground and remove the nuts. 

Now lift the car up enough to remove to tire and remove the nuts. Make sure that your car remains stable as you lift it.

Remove the tire and replace it. 

Remove the tire and replace it with the new one. Place the spare on the hub and tighten the nuts until they are all snug. Tighten them as much as possible with the wrench. Wait until they are all on before fully tightening them to ensure that the tire is balanced.

Lower the car and store the damaged tire. 

Lower your car until it is just supported by the jack and then tighten the nuts again. Then fully lower the car and tidy your workspace, storing your jack and damaged tire. The tire can be brought to a mechanic to either be fixed or replaced.

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Artist Picks: The Front Bottoms

It’s time to discuss my favorite band: The Front Bottoms. The Front Bottoms are an American indie rock band that originated in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey in 2006. Their latest album (and arguably their best album) was released on October 13, 2017, marking their sixth album release. Known for their thoughtful lyrics and garage-band-chic production, The Front Bottoms is worth a good, hearty listen during your next long commute or road trip. Here are the top picks from this iconic punk band.


“Maps” is a song from “The Front Bottoms” album, one of the earliest studio releases. The production gives the track a great tempo and the lyrics are certainly some of my favorite that the band has ever released.


“Flashlight” is one of my first loves. The lyrics are what attracted me first, which is usually the case with any sone from The Front Bottoms. The production is out of the ordinary for the earlier tracks of the band- more laid back and a trumpet tune that is to die for.

Peace Sign

“Peace Sign” is a track from the band’s newest album and my current commute tune. It’s a track that is easy to put on repeat, the oddly swing production easy to enjoy in any mood.

Far Drive

“Far Drive” is an upbeat track from the band’s newest album. The nostalgic subject matter is the biggest draw to this song, the clever lyrics highlighting that emotion.

Vacation Town

Another one of my all time favorite, “Vacation Town” is a track from the band’s newest album, as well. The beach-front vacation vibe with someone you love is the largest draw to this song and what will make you keep it on repeat during your next drive.

Twin Size Mattress

Arguably one of the best releases that The Front Bottoms has ever released. The lyrics, the production, it all is incredible. Take time to read the lyrics more than once as you listen, and then enjoy the slender of this track.


A favorite for any lover, “Peach” is a great, odd song of romance. This is another one that is worth a few moments of lyric reading. There is a lot of emotion that is worth totally understanding and regarding.

Lipstick Covered Magnet

From the “Rose” EP comes “Lipstick Covered Magnet.” The tempo is upbeat and the lyrics are incredibly clever, some of the best that the band has released.

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Weekly Playlists: February, Week 3

AWOLNATION’s newest album installment has inspired a throw-back week. When it’s cold and dreary, there isn’t much better than enjoying some music that premiered when the weather was simply better. Here are five new (and some not so new) tracks to add to your driving playlist!

“Let’s Hurt Tonight” by Onerepublic

Onerepublic’s newest album has plenty of great hits, but the classic “Let’s Hurt Tonight” is never worth overshadowing. The lyrics are traditional Onerepublic splendor. Writers spend a lot of time honing their practice to create lyrics like that, but Onerepublic delivers them effortlessly.

“Tall, Tall Tale” by AWOLNATION

From AWOLNATION’s newest album comes “Tall, Tall Tale.” A narrative-esque production that builds to classic AWOLNATION synths and electronic beats, this track is one of the best off of “Here Come The Runts.” Also, the water droplet production accent is oddly satisfying.

“Not Your Fault” by AWOLNATION

An older pick from this talented group, “Not Your Fault” is a classic from AWOLNATION’s first album. This is an instance of the incredible lyrics that the band writes. Take some extra time to listen to this one and be sure to look up the lyrics sometime.

“Peace Sign” by The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms are an iconic addition to any pop punk fan’s playlist, and “Peace Sign” is no doubt one of the best tracks ever produced. While it took some time to grow on me, it’s now become a part of my favorite playlists. Lyrics, production, great vocals, it has it all.

“Joanne” by Lady Gaga 

Gaga’s “Joanne” album is iconic for her brand. It’s a whole new style with a whole new vibe, and fans either loved it or hated it. (I happened to be obsessed with it.) “Joanne” is one of the best on the album, chill, slow and incredibly talented lyric writing. It’s an underrated track, but certainly one of the best.

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