Should You Finance a Used Car in Richmond Virginia. Used Car Financing for Bad Credit VA

financing a used car in Richmond VA

To finance or not to finance that’s the question we all would love the answer too.


Car shopping is all about finding what you want you have to go around a few used car lots to really find something you want both in the aspect of financing and how long the vehicle will last.


You want to have a plan or a “goal” for the down payment you don’t want to just go to the car dealership to kick tires but maybe once or twice and that’s it.


Working with bad credit at the Richmond VA car dealer


If you have bad credit its best to finance a used car in Richmond Virginia. But make sure you have a decent down payment for the car.


Actually before you put a down payment on a used car you want to negotiate the overall price of the car. Now you can’t ask for the invoice of the used car unless you are on a used car lot.


Because when buying a used car with bad credit in Richmond VA you want to purchase the vehicle as close to the car dealers invoice so that means basically you want to pay what the car dealership paid to get the vehicle on their car lot.


Negotiating the price for a used car in Richmond VA


Some dealers may negotiate all the way down to $2000 of the price but remember the car dealership as to make their money the car so they will want to start high so it’s a big deal if you have good credit or a large down payment for the used car.

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The more you have as a down payment the less you have to finance which is good. You don’t want to be sold on add-ons that your car don’t need.


The better your credit the better car buying incentives you will have like no money down car payments in Richmond VA or maybe $199 down for the used car when you sign.

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