no money down car loans New JerseyFinancing a used car can be easier when you have good credit and we all know that. The problem is when we have bad credit the car dealers don’t like to deal with us.


But there are car dealers in New Jersey that work with low credit or what they like to call credit challenged people, that’s anyone that has a credit score 540 or below.


If you have low credit the best thing you can do is start looking at used cars and stay away from new cars for the time being. It might suck but a used car is a lot easier for you to negotiate and for the car dealership to talk lending on.

The first step to auto financing in New Jersey

First you will want to be pre-approved for the car than go to the car dealership for the test drive.


It’s a good idea to be credit wise on all large purchases you do. The reason is simple you will know what you can afford.


A lot of people say “I want to buy a car” than just head to the car dealership but that’s not a smart plan. You want to see what’s out there and go from there.

How many cars do you have in mind

Don’t just have 1 car in mind have 3-4. Don’t just go to one car dealer in New Jersey talk to 2-3 car dealers.


See what I suggest doing is to apply right now and the right car dealer with the right plan will call you.


See we have seen come bad credit car purchases and the interest on the loan isn’t fun. So we want you to be smart about the auto financing you get and the only way that happens is if you have options and we want to give you the car dealer options plain and simple.

Auto financing with bad credit isn’t fun for anyone but the better options you have the better financial decisions you can make in New Jersey.