Alternatives To Classic Windshield Defrosting

used cars with bad creditThe air is colder and the snow is plentiful. Step one to any drive during an east coast winter is defrosting your windshield.

We all know the classic technique of scraping your windshield and setting the defrost on your car 10 to 15 minutes before your commute, but this trick can shave off a majority of that process in the morning.

For just an icy morning, spraying a solution of water and rubbing alcohol with a spray bottle will instantly melt any icy on your windshield. Of course, if there is snow, it’s necessary to wipe that off beforehand.

Always keep a brush and scraper in your car.

Having the defrost on on is still important in making sure that your windshield stays clear and ice free, but this trick will kick start that process if you are in a rush.

Be sure not so simply pour warm water on your windshield, as well. Drastic temperature change can crack the glass, and that creates a much larger problem than simply being a few minutes late to work.

Always allot extra time for any process. Arriving safely is always of utmost importance, and being sure that you can safely see out of your windows is the first step.

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