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Essentials To Keep In Your Car This Winter

no money down used cars With icy roads and frigid temperatures, it’s important to keep essentials in your car in case of emergency during an east coast winter. Whether your car is stuck and you’re waiting for rescue or you’re hunkered down with an engine that just won’t turn over, here are winter essentials to keep handy.


Blankets are a must for this time of year. It’s smart to have at any time, but especially when it’s this cold. Even throw blankets can help to keep you warm. They’re easy to store and certainly an essential if your car breaks down. While someone could come to your rescue quickly, in bad weather it could certainly be some time before you are able to get inside. Keeping a blanket handy ensures your safety and comfort during what could be a long wait.


Keep snacks in your car. Granola bars, bags of chips, anything that you can munch on if you’re in for a long wait. It’s easy to plan lunches and meals for the day, but it’s smart to plan for any emergencies too. An hour commute home hungry isn’t fun and if you can’t make it home for some time, you’ll want to have at least something to hold you over.

Gloves and Extra Layers

Keep gloves in your car during the winter at all times. It’s an essential to have anyway. Your fingers and toes will be the first to be unbearably cold, and gloves and even extra socks can aid that and keep you warmer longer. Keeping extra sweatshirts and even sweatpants is another essential. Layering up is the best way to stay warm. Top it all off with that blanket you stored and you’re good to go for a long wait.

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Extra Batteries For Phones

Your phone is your best friend, both for contact and for entertainment. Keeping it charged is certainly important. Keep plenty of external batteries in your car or in your bag. You can charge your phone in your car if you can get it started, but you won’t want to waste gas or your battery if you can avoid it. Keeping in contact with the world if you’re stranded is important, so keep batteries handy.


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