February Playlists: Week One

While we were graced with a week of fantastic weather, the cold has decided to make a reappearance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be going away, either. The air is colder, snow is falling, and roads are icier. Commuters are back to the original winter grind of leaving far before the usual time to arrive at their destination. It’s time for a bit of a music pick-me-up to make the return to the cold a little more bearable. Here are five more tracks to add to your, unfortunately, longer commute.

Windows (feat. Prof) by Atmosphere

Atmosphere is certainly a style of rap that is easy to love. “Windows” is by far on of my personal favorites. It’s a jazzy tune with fantastic lyrics to match. Atmosphere is a great group to put you in a good mood if you are in a rut.

Mama Always Told Me (feat. Madison Love) by G-Eazy

How I glazed over this track during my first listen of G-Eazy’s newest release is totally beyond me. “Mama Always Told Me” is most likely my favorite pick from The Beautiful & Damned. There is an underlying jazzy, swing element that is incredibly pleasing. It’s a great track to zone out and enjoy, but the lyrics are certainly some that you should take time to listen to at least a few times.

Will He by Joji

A different pick for this week, “Will He” has a very etherial and otherworldly vibe. The lyrics are thoughtful and worth a few listens. The vocals always draw you back in, keeping you intent and wanting more. Certainly a chill tune to listen to. Start your morning off with “Will He,” you won’t regret it.

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Chances by Subculture Sage

Much like Atmosphere, Subculture Sage has a jazzy, swing vibe that I have been loving recently. Lots of new artists are experimenting with jazzy tunes, and I’m certainly not complaining. “Chances” breaks into more traditional rap, as well. The verses are thoughtful and the production matches it very well.

Sawed Off Shotgun by The Glorious Sons

The Glorious Sons are certainly growing in popularity, “Everything Is Alright” being one of my picks last week. “Sawed Off Shotgun” has many of the same properties. While sounding almost like a country song, The Glorious Sons creates a harmony between country and true alternative. It appreciates the rustic feel of country music, but brings in the lyrics and clever production of modern alternative.

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