No money down cars in Baton RougeDo you think you would have an issue if you went to buy a car? Most people don’t know their credit score when they are buying a car until the auto lender say your credit isn’t where it needs to be for the car you want.

How to get bad credit auto financing in Baton Rouge

How about we change that for a car buyer like you? When you are shopping for a used car in Baton Rouge you want to shop the auto loan rates and only take about the rates that are going to make the most sense for you.


What you want to do before you head to the car dealer is have the auto financing sealed up tight so there are no questions later. Because some car dealers might come back on the car deal and tell you that you haven’t put the full down payment down on the car.


Once you have the auto financing and down payment options in Baton Rouge down which you should talk the numbers first to make sure they are good for you.

Taking the used car for a test drive

You want to take the used car for a spin to make sure there isn’t anything that needs repair on the car inside and out.


Before you step into the used car you should do a walk around the car looking for any dents or dings or broken trim and chipped paint. Whatever you can point out to the car dealer they will be right on it to fix it.


Check the brakes before you get in the car if they look thin you will probably have to get them replaced soon. That’s an extra expense and you might be able to work something out with the car dealership to replace them at a discounted price for purchasing the used car there.


Also, before you step into the car look for any rusty spots under the floor mats if there is rust that can be a warning sign of flood damage.


Sit in every seat of the car before you drive it to make sure everything is comfortable and is working the back seat buttons and rear controls.

Better auto financing in Baton Rouge on used cars

You want to test drive the car after you get all the auto financing out of the way because you want to limit the costly repairs on a used car. And if there are costly repairs that need to be done have them taken care of or work out a better deal on the cars financing options.


You ready to drive away with a used car? Let us help you find the best possible auto financing in Baton Rouge and get you started.