I’ve been on quite the throwback kick, recently. The snow is keeping me inside, but throwing on some old tunes certainly has a way to brighten the mood. Whether Arctic Monkeys or Alt-J, the past 20 years released some classic work. Here are my throwback picks this week! (Plus just one electronic track, to bring to back to the previous few years.)

“The Silence” by Avalanche City
An old favorite of mine, “The Silence” is a very laid back, lovely song. The classic and traditional drum beat along with a modern computer generated production creates a perfect harmony. The vocals are to die for, as well.

“Hello” by Oasis
Oasis is, admittedly, a new love of mine. “Wonderwall” is an incredible, classic track, but the band has much more to offer. “Hello” is the first that stands out among the rest. It’s great, nostalgic production with even an ode to “Wonderwall” in the first few seconds.

“Breezeblocks” by Alt-J
My favorite track from this odd, electronic band. The lyrics always draw me in and the production always keeps me eager for the next break. There is a classic perfection with “Breezeblocks.”

“Enter The Joker’s Lair” by Miike Snow
Mainly production with few vocals, “Enter The Joker’s Lair” is an interesting pick for any playlist, but an incredible one nonetheless.

“Knee Socks” by Arctic Monkeys
“Knee Socks” has become the track on repeat this week for me. I just took a midterm with these incredible lyrics and production stuck in my head.

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